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Contract Colleges (CC) Zone

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The Endowed Zone includes the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Architecture, Art and Planning; the School of Hotel Administration; Cornell University Library; and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.For more information about a specific building, please see the Find Facility Information page. Service Requests can be issued directly to the Endowed Zone online or by calling Facilities Services Customer Service, 255-5322.

Facilities Management Staff for the Contract Colleges Zone

Facilities Management staff  are part of Infrastructure, Properties and Planning and provide repair, corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and small project services for facilities located within a zone.

Zone Facilities Director: Lisa Belokur

Administrative Assistants: 
Heather Mitchell, (w) 607-255-3209; Shelley Percey; (w) 607-255-8617

Zone Facilities Manager: Stephen Cobb, (c) 607-327-1602
Zone Facilities Manager (Interim) Dustin Darnell, (c) 607-342-8753
Zone Facilities Manager (Interim): Bill Wilcox, (w) 607-254-7212
Associate Director Building Care: Stephen Devlen (c) 607-592-0611

Zone Maintenance Planner: Jeff Parsons, (w) 607-255-4297, (c) 607-327-0297
Zone Maintenance Planner (Interim): Jessie Wells, (c) 607-379-0781

Zone Staff Represent a Wide Range of Trade Skills

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (ACR)
  • Carpenter/ Lock
  • Controls (heating and cooling)
  • Building Care Services
  • Electric
  • Maintenance Mechanics (preventive & corrective)
  • Maintenance Planners
  • Mason
  • Paint, Glass & Sign
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet Metal / Roofing
  • Material Handling and Moving


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Unit Facilities Staff for the Contract Colleges Zone

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (website):

     Peter Paradise, (c) 607-327-0444

     Bill Dowdall, (c) 607-592-7421 Ithaca campus facilities

     Dann Braid, (c) 607-255-2572 Off-campus facilities

College of Human Ecology (website):

     Kristie Mahoney, (w) 607-255-6128, (c) 607-227-3163

College of Veterinary Medicine (website):

     Wayne Davenport, (w) 607-253-3725, (c) 607-227-2329

Industrial and Labor Relations (website):

     David Lippincott, (w) 607-255-9071, (c) 607-227-5877