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Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Shutdowns


All routine fire protection system shutdowns requested by IPP zone staff, unit facilities staff, and contractors should be scheduled through IPP Customer Service at 607-255-5322.

IPP Customer Service will schedule your shutdown as close to your desired date and time as possible.  Protection system shutdowns, however, are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and depend on the availability of EH&S Fire Protection staff.

Fire alarm system shutdowns require 30 minutes to perform while sprinkler system shutdowns require 60 minutes.  Please plan accordingly.

Per the University Fire Marshall:  A minimum of two (2) business days advance notification is required to  schedule a fire alarm or sprinkler system shutdown.  At no time shall both the fire alarm system and sprinkler system be impaired at the same time.



Emergency Shutdowns Requests:
-Primary contact Customer Service 607-255-5322
-Secondary contact Cornell Police Dispatch 607-255-1111


Shutdowns for Construction Projects (at the direction of EHS Fire Protection Technical Coordinator)

Sprinkler Systems and Components

  • Removal of piping and or sprinkler heads requires the installation of temporary heat detection and can only occur after the temporary heats have been installed, tested & accepted by EHS Fire Protection Technical Coordinator (EHS FPTC).
  • Before removal of fire alarm devices, please consult with EHS FPTC.
  • If a shutdown is required to perform re-Inspection testing of repairs associated with the IPP Testing & Inspecting Program, the respective IPP zone is responsible for scheduling a representative of the Testing &Inspection Program to witness the test. Consult with EHS FPTC before scheduling the shutdown to determine if any additional agencies are required to be present.
  • IPP zone and Testing Program personnel must request a Short Form Shutdown through Customer Service whenever they remove a system from service.

Returning Systems to Service

  • Coordination of returning impaired systems to service will be internal of the ERS Staff
  • Call Customer Service to report that system impairment/shutdown has been returned to service. If after 4:00pm, the respective Fire Safety & Emergency Technician will log into the Shutdown database and close/cancel the shutdown request.
  • If the respective shutdown/impairment required an impairment notification to be sent by the University Fire Marshall, the FSET will locate the impairment e-mail, reply to all and in the body of the e-mail and, using the following example, state:  “Be advised that the sprinkler system at North Campus Low Rise #9 located at 142 Program House Drive has been returned to service canceling the pre-planned impairment notification”
Primary Contact Information:

IPP Customer Service
105 Humphreys Service Building
Ithaca, NY 14853


report a facilities emergency 2555322 cornell police 2551111 report fire or medical 911